Public Arts Inventory


The Inventory

Last year, the Chico Arts and Culture Foundation was conducting regular tours of downtown public art and informally documenting maintenance issues as they presented themselves.  Following the Council’s request, the Foundation created a more structured documentation process and completed inspections of almost 50 artworks using a spread sheet to describe the condition of the art work, outline specific maintenance needs, and assign a number from 1 to 5, highest priority being 1.

2017 Chico Public Arts Inventory

Our Findings

In general, the Foundation determined that most of the collection is in good condition, 34 artworks requiring only moderate or routine maintenance.  New artworks were discovered, some have been relocated or in need of possible relocation, and a number are missing.  It is also recognized that some of the artworks are no longer located on city property. Eleven artworks have yet to be inspected.


The Foundation is recommending that “Diamond Alley Tile Project”  be determined as the next artwork to be repaired.  It is a high profile work, located downtown, adjacent to Hotel Diamond showcasing the handiwork of over 3000 local school children.  Missing tiles, grout damage, and compromised cornices are allowing water to travel behind the tiles.  Ultimately an evaluation would be required by a tile professional but it is obvious even to the lay observer that much worse damage will occur if the repair is not undertaken soon.

The Foundation is also recommending that the artists be given first right of refusal to conduct repairs as stated in the contracts that the city entered into with each project’s artist. If the artist declines, the Foundation is offering assistance, as it did with the “Our Hands” maintenance, to find an appropriate professional to submit a bid for completing the repair.  The Foundation would also welcome the opportunity, if needed, to raise funds for repair or maintenance once a budget has been determined.

2017 Chico Public Arts Inventory