Public Arts Restoration

Condition Criteria

The current levels have been established by the foundation. Please email us or leave a comment if you find any issues with a public art work.

1. Emergency.  Public safety risk demands immediate response. (Attention needed within 1-3 mos)
2. Urgent.   Condition and integrity of artwork highly compromised. Repair needed. Could be result of flaws, neglect, aging, damage, or vandalism. Or, urgent because artwork is high profile due to location or popularity. (Attention needed within 1-6 mos)
3. Serious.   Repair or maintenance needed and potentially compromising to condition or integrity of artwork. Should be completed in timely manner to obviate further damage and increased costs. (Attention needed within 1-12 mos)
4. Moderate.   Maintenance issue present but does not compromise condition or integrity of artwork. (Attention needed within 1-24 mos)
5. Routine.   Nothing beyond regular/routine care/maintenance of artwork such as cleaning and application of protective surface coatings required. Check schedule on on file in city records.