The Chico Arts and Culture Foundation is the non-profit fundraising arm for the City of Chico Arts Commission working to augment funding for public art, arts organizations, and arts marketing.

On June 2, 2009, the City Council of the City of Chico approved the Arts Commission Work Plan, and part of that plan was the creation of a 501-C3 Non-Profit Corporation to pursue private funding including endowments to augment funding for Arts Commission projects and programs which support the goals of the Arts Master Plan.


Vision Statement

The Chico Arts and CultureĀ  Foundation envisions Chico as a community that embraces the arts as a critical component of a culturally rich, vibrant and sustainable community. We see Chico as a place where the arts are a valued component of everyday life, a significant force in a thriving economy, and a place for Chicoans to express their creative impulses and experience beauty; we see the soul of our community reflected in its visual arts, music.



The Mission of the Chico Arts and Culture Foundation is to generate resources in support of the City of Chico’s art programs.

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