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Arts in Chico

Chico is a community where the arts are valued in every day life, a significant force in a thriving economy, and a place for Chicoans to express creative impulses and experience beauty. The soul of the community is reflected in the vitality of its visual arts, music, dance, theatre, literature, spoken word, and new media.


Definition of Public Art

  • Public Art is defined as artworks in any medium planned and executed with the specific intention of being sited or staged in the public domain. Whether installed in outdoor spaces or exhibited inside public buildings, they are accessible to all. Artwork includes, but is not limited to, monuments, statues, and memorials, enhancements to the built environment (such as murals, street furniture, lighting, aerosol art, and landscape treatments), as well as non-durable art works such as dance, theater, poetry or other performances.
  • Public Art entails a working practice of site specificity, community involvement and collaboration, and fiscal accountability.



Public Art Inventory

In 2016, the Chico Arts and Culture Foundation was conducting regular tours of downtown public art and informally documenting maintenance issues as they presented themselves.  Following the Council’s request, the Foundation created a more structured documentation process and completed inspections of almost 50 artworks using a spread sheet to describe the condition of the art work, outline specific maintenance needs, and assign a number from 1 to 5, highest priority being 1.

2017 Chico Public Arts Inventory


Art and Culture Portal

Check out the Chico Local wiki page on Public Art Works.